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YACHT IN TRANSIT DELIVERIES are a great opportunity for you to buy new sails for your yacht at UNBEATABLE PRICES !

We, Durabalone s.l., have sent TAX-FREE and DUTY-FREE sails to cruising yachts worldwide, with deliveries to yachts visiting places as far afield as New Zealand and New York, Tahiti and Trinidad, Gibraltar and Honduras.

Also, for non-EU registered yachts sailing in the Mediterranean, there is the possibility for buying sails TAX-FREE and DUTY-FREE, and we have, for example, supplied "Yacht in Transit" sails for Swiss, Australian, American, and Canadian yachts whilst they were visiting SPAIN.

This is very convenient for yachts sailing westwards through the Mediterranean.

The sails can be ordered in advance of arrival and then be delivered to the yacht when it arrives in Spain before leaving the Mediterranean.

In addition, EU-registered yachts leaving the Mediterranean, for example en route to the Caribbean, can order their new sails with us and arrange to pick-up the new Yacht in Transit sails in GIBRALTAR!

It is standard procedure in most countries that if you have equipment delivered for your yacht whilst visiting a country in which your yacht is NOT registered (e.g. a US registered yacht located in Europe), or yachts visiting a "tax-haven" country (e.g. Gibraltar), they can be purchased for a "Yacht in Transit"

This means that you can purchase the goods DUTY-FREE and TAX-FREE.

The sails will be shipped directly to the yacht, addressed as "Yacht in Transit", and are then cleared by customs upon delivery directly to the yacht. 

Owing to the large number of sails delivered worldwide from the export sailloft, there is a close working relationship with UPS courier service, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries worldwide at very reasonable rates.

The local UPS offices are very helpful and can be contacted locally to confirm details for importing as "Yacht in Transit".

In addition, UPS offers an internet tracking service so that one can follow the timing and path of one's sails en route to their delivery address once the sails have left the sailloft.

We offer significantly reduced prices for all sails which are delivered as "Yacht in Transit" sails", and would be happy to make you a sail quotation. The freight rates for the sail(s) will depend on the weight of the sails and the location for delivery. We will give you a freight quotation with every Yacht in Transit sail quotation. We quote these individual freight costs when you ask for a specific quote or order the sails.

DELIVERY TIME : approx. 3 - 4 weeks from order date (and faster if it should be a very urgent case).

PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS : 100% payment at the time of ordering - international bank transfers are confirmed immediately by e-mail.

As a "Yacht in Transit", the sails will be sent directly from the sailloft to the yacht, in the name of the yacht.

The date of delivery can be arranged to meet your voyage timetabling.

As soon as the sail shipment leaves the sailloft, we send the yacht owner the UPS tracking number.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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