Setting an MPS with sock

1. The sock, with its pull-line, is hoisted with the spinnaker halyard. If not carrying out this manoeuvre singlehanded using an autopilot, then the sheet and tack downhaul guy can simultaneously be prepared in the cockpit.

2. It is advisable, especially with wind over 10 knots, to lead the sock pull-line around a cleat on deck.
Thus, when the wind starts to fill the lower part of the MPS and pusheds the sock upwards on its own,(especially with fresher winds), the pull-line is fed out automatically.
3. If the MPS is set to leeward of the genoa (unfurled), then there is less wind pressure in the sail during raising.
4. Whilst raising and lowering the MPS in the sock, especially in fresher winds, it is advisable to wear gloves.