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Cross Cut
Crescent Cut


We supply headsails for all kinds of roller furling systems as well as for hanked-on sails and storm jibs.

Our standard design for both roller furling and for hanked sails, is in crosscut and in Selected Premier Dacrons. Other cloths and cuts are available.

The area of the headsail can be calculated using luff and LP measurements as follows :

Luff x LP x 0.5 = Area


For a roller furling headsail the luff is measured from shackle to shackle as shown in Fig 2.


LP = Luff Perpendicular :

LP is the linear measurement from luff to clew measured at 90 degrees to the luff, and is used for jibs and genoas (see Fig.16). 
The LP measurement is used for the size classification of a headsail, e.g. as a 150% or 130% genoa, indicating by how much the headsail overlaps the mast as a percentage. (e.g. an 150% genoa has an LP = 1.5 x J and an 130% genoa has an LP = 1.3 x J).
If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For roller furling genoas we would recommend the luff foam and the UV suncover when you order. Details of pricing for these items and other extras, e.g. sail numbers, insignias, view windows, etc. are to be found in the Extras Sample Price List in this website.



Luff Foam is a crescent-shaped strip of closed cell foam sewn into the sail close to the luff, which assists in maintaining a better sail-shape when sailing with the sail partially furled.



This is a protective strip of material sewn (not glued) onto the leech and the foot of roller furling headsails, to protect the sail from degradation caused by UV rays and other elements when the sail is furled. 
It is available in 2 cloth types :
a) in 5oz UV treated cloth (in white and 4 further colours)
b) in 9oz original US Sunbrella - available in a wide range of colours.


All offshore sails come with tell tales, flo stripes and large sailbags.


If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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