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A mainsail generally has 2 or 3 reefs, and we can supply your sail with the number of reefs which you require. 

Each reefing row has heavy reinforcement patching.

The standard reefing positions are 26%, 36% and 46% of luff height. However, depending on your sail, we can design the reefs to meet your requirements (see Fig 1).

You can specify the R1h - R3h (horizontal) reefing positions, required if you have fixed pad eyes or blocks on your boom for attaching the reefing lines. 

Alternatively, you can specify the height, above the foot of the mainsail, at which you require the reefing rows, R1v - R3v (vertical).

Our standard luff reef fitting is a large stainless steel ring attached to one side of the sail with strong webbing (see Fig.13 in Measurement Sheet). This system has the advantage that, when reefing, one can pull the ring into position over the reefing hook/tack horn, and one does not have to pull the whole sail and guide it over the reefing hook.

You should specify on which side of the sail you would like the rings attached, depending on which side you normally hook in the first reef, second reef, etc.

Alternatively, if you have a full batten mainsail with high-stacking battencars, or you have no reef hook/tack horn at the gooseneck, then we can supply (no extra charge) the sail with a grommet at the luff with a strong webbing band and 2 stainless steel rings (see Fig.14). 

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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