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There is a large range of sailcloths available on the market and the development of new sailcloths, weaves, yarns, laminates, foils and reinforcement fibres is especially important for regatta yachting. For the coastal and cruising sailor, the spin-offs of these high-tech sailcloth developments has also led to improved sailcloths for non-regatta sails.

However, the majority of the sails on cruising yachts today, still use the more traditional woven cloths, particularly the Dacron polyester weaves, which have the advantages of durability, ease of handling, and are reasonably priced. 
Over the years the quality of the Dacron weaves has also improved such that they keep their form better, whilst maintaining their durability, UV resistance, ease of handling and maintenance, and can be repaired almost everywhere in the world. 
For the larger yachts, with their larger sail areas, the use of laminate sailcloths has been particularly important. These stronger and more stretch resistant cloths mean that lighter cloth weights, than would normally be used for a similarly sized Dacron sail, can be used for the larger sail areas, making them easier to handle and improving the sailing efficiency. However, although the various laminate materials have improved over the years, they are not as durable as Dacron sails, are more expensive and are still prone to de-lamination and mildew.

For more information regarding the various sailcloths and their appropriate usage, we recommend that you see the Challenge Fabrication Application Chart and Challenge Sailcloth types in website.

When you ask for a quote or wish to order a sail, we will give you our recommendation regarding sailcloth and cut.

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